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Monday, 10 March 2014

Prayer to St.Anthony for Financial Security and Help

St. Anthony arranged for collections of money so that he might rescue these people from their plight. He paid their debts so that they might be set free. He shared what little food the friars had when they begged at his door. He saw the face of God in the poor.

Prayer for oneself:

Please, St. Anthony, I need your help.
I am worried about my finances.
I don't ask to be rich. 
I just want to be able to take care of myself and my loved ones.
Help me (insert your personal need here, e.g. find a job, pay off ones debts, etc.).
As you helped those in need in your own days, 
so now I ask to you help me now.

Prayer for others:

Please, St. Anthony, I ask you to help _______.
He/she is in financial need.
Help him/her (insert the person's need here, e.g. find a job, pay of ones debts, etc.).
As you helped those in need in your own days, 
so now help _______________ today.


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    3. I need help of 300000 I'm single mother I have to return money back to people

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  4. Plz pray for i am facing alot of financial problems and debts I am59yes old my husband have no legs we don't have childrens to help us

  5. I am 69, years old and live on social security. Lawyers are threatening me that they will freeze my check and take my social security check for a vehicle i cosigner for and turned in after three months. St Anthony please help me. I bet of you.

  6. Oh dear Mother of God our Lady of Conceptio Apareciada! Oh St Rita of Cassia and St Jude, worked of miracles and helper of impossible causes, pray for me! St Expedite st of urgent causes St Edwiges, St of the needy you know how desperate i feel, please ask Jesus to help me. Mention your request here. May the sacred heart of Jesus be adore and glorified for ever. Say one Our Father, one Hail Mary, glory be to the father, the so and the holy spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, amen.

  7. I am a single mother of, 6 beautiful children and two who are disabled im asking saint anthony to heal and help us finacially help me finish school to help my children. Lord and saint anthony hear my prayers

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  9. Need of money real bad 50.000 i need to payof debth and bills help my children grandkids pléase help me

  10. I am in debt of 20000 dollars and half of my house is gone from the hurricane Maria I don't have a job I need help please I am a single mother please help me 20'000 that is10'000us please help me

  11. Please help me i need £5000 to pay off my debts now. I am worried and praying constantly please help me.

  12. Ineed 8500 Euros for constraction of class rooms for vocational school

  13. I need money to pay off my debts and car loan and to have rent money every month! Please help ! I am desperate!

  14. Please Saint Anthony, Saint Jude, and God, help my family and friends get out of debt. 2018 was a horrible year financial for all of us. We need your help desperately to get out of total debt. I also pray for everyone on this blog. Life has been rough lately and I long for the good ole days when finances were not a constant worry. Please Saint Anthony, Saint Jude, and the Lord God himself, answer all our prayers on this blog. Not only for myself but for my family, friends and strangers on here. We are all in desperate need of your help. In Jesus name. Amen. Thank you for having a place to offer up prayers in your name. God bless everyone on here. I wish I were able to help you all. I never understood how wealthy people don't give back more to the poor. It makes me physically ill when I see people wasting money on stupid immoral things. We don't have tons of money yet we lend family and friends money all the time. We help others when we should be just helping ourselves but I truly believe what comes around goes around and what you give away comes back to you in times of need. You just have to believe in Jesus Christ and his calling. I don't understand how the world has gotten to be so evil? Material things seem to be more important than helping others. How many things does one need in life? All we truly need is love. Love, kindness, empathy, forgiveness. These qualities are what makes life good. Money can't buy happiness. Love does. Helping others whether it be financially or just by volunteering for anything is what makes this world a better place. Even giving someone something as simple as a compliment makes the world a little brighter. Making a strangers day does more than one realizes. Saying thank you and showing gratitude goes a long way. If we all practiced more gratitude in life you would be surprised at how much better your life would become. Try being positive and thinking positive every day. Create a gratitute journal and write all the things that you are thankful for to God, every single day and watch how your life improves day by day. Love and light is the way of Jesus. God does listen to our prayers. We just need to ask for forgiveness and his help and appreciate what he has given us already. If we practice gratitude and pray daily thanking him for what we already have in addition to what we ask for, eventually in time God will answer our prayers. Everything happens for a reason. Everything is a lesson in life the Lord wants us to experience to help us grow in our faith in him. Life is a journey that can be wonderful if we open our eyes and take the time to smell the roses on the way through our journey. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'm feeling very strong and ready to conquer my debt. I know that the Lord will help me if I work hard and thank him for the blessings he has already bestowed on me. In Jesus name I pray. Thank you all for reading this and praying for my family, friends and I. God bless you all and know that you are not alone and I am praying for you all as well. I read everyones testimonies and I'm praying for you and will continue to pray for you everyday. Amen.

  15. I also want to say that I was told by my infertility Doctor that I would never be able to conceive children. I prayed to Saint Anthony everyday and followed the infertility diet a book that I found at the book store and I have two healthy, beautiful daughters. A testimony that faith works better than any physician. So believe in the power of prayer as it truly works.

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  17. I need a miracle 20000euros for buying land and building a house for my mom please st.Anthony interceed for me for this intension

  18. Please help! I am financial hardship. I just want peace of mind and some stability. I need some money to pay off my car and monthly bills. I am working but it is just not enough. Thank you St. Anthony!

  19. Please st.Athony I need miracle of restoring my relationship with someone you know very well who has hurt my life so much please touch his heart to accept to confine in me again.Thank you St.Athony

  20. St.Athonypray for me to get peace in my heart especially the strong burning desire for the friend whom you know very well that it will stop completely and became normal again

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  22. I need a massive miracle ! I need money to pay my bills !

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  24. I need a miracle to get the money that I have applied for in twa organization s please stAthony interceed and I need a miracle to have my paaspass tommorow

  25. St. I need a miracle to get our passports tomorrow please stop.Athony l promise to take care of the poor
    And financial miracle to finish the school and land urgentLy for my Mom in kasharara please do this for me

  26. Please St.Athonny pray for me that this relationship which makes me suffer too much may end with out cousing more pain or restored without delaying too much because am totally tired of the pain involved

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  27. Thanks ti st.anthonyfor praying for me that iwas able to get the passports in shotest time possible
    Thanks my dear friend st.Anthony

  28. Today I need a miracle of 50thousand euros St.Anthony

  29. St.Anthony please interceed for me that am able to get the funds that I have applied for especially that one which is already approved but because of corruption its still held in the district I just need a miracle from you also a miracle that I get money to buy land for my Mom before it is taken away thanks am required this as soon as next week

  30. st.athony my wound is too deep i need a miracle for healing of my broken relationship i think this too much for me to handle am internally bleading please help me St Anthony of Padua

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  34. St.Anthony ithank you because my friend can talk to me now I pray that you touch him totally never to go back
    I pray for the biggest miracle I ever prayed for before in my life i need 6000 euros tomorrow i don't want to dought that you can't do it, I totally believe you are giving me this money and I pay for the land of my mom thank you so much St.Athony of paduP

  35. Please st.Athony i thank you for the miracles you have performed already
    Kindly do this miracle for me i need money urgently to pay the land for my Mom and more money to build the toilet s for the students plus finishing the school.thank you My dearest St.Athony of Padua

  36. st.anthony help now am simply too desperate just these two in a financial miracle that I pay school fees for poor children, I can buy beds for poor children,i can money to buy furniture,i can get money,put solor
    I can paid the money that I applied for
    I can be paid by those who have my dates icaI also pay dates
    I promise to continue serving the poor if you do all this to me

  37. St. I need a miracle of resoring my relationships with the two important people in my life
    I totally need a miracle for this am at a loose because these two people are completed just touch their mind and loosen the pride and heartlessness in them please St.helpme to restore these relationships the one I had asked to talk to may he accept to reconcile and give me achance to share the pain and forgive each other
    Thanks St.Anthony

  38. I want help from you please help me

  39. St.Anthony I thank you for buying land for my mom,kindly help me with the two miracles
    I ask you to pray that I can get money for building a house for my mom and get me sponsors for the poor students
    Plus 30,0000 Euros for construction of TAVOTI

  40. Thanks to St Anthony,St Jude and St Rita for prayers answered.An offering will be given as promised

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