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Generosity from the Heart

Generosity from the Heart

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Friday, 16 January 2015

Chapel of Immaculate Conception, Ladang Sungai Batu, Bedong, Sungai Petani ~ 15/01/2015

I took this photo on the 15 January, 2015, The first photo (above) I took of sign at entrance of the Immaculate Conception Chapel was dark and not that perfect so I decide to take another photo of it minutes later. In actual the sign is painted/affix on a wall using normal dark blue/black and the wording have not light source on it's own except for the whitish yellow light at the top of the sign. My second photo (below) of the same wall sign captured minutes later under same lighting condition and using my same LG phone camera, gave me goosebumps initial, yet until today I am still feeling puzzled and unable to find a logic behind it. As you will notice in the photo below, all the word in the sign seems illuminated in blue like the where neon lighting or had lighting of their own. I can 100% percent confirm the word have no light of their own except for the whitish yellow light above the sign-age.

Is this another sign from the Blessed Mother, the highly favoured by God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of JESUS CHRIST. I truly believe in miracles.... and I believe that miracles happens and God shows us the way.

** Note all photos have not been tempered with except to insert text, r4c copyright and brief  description. In no way have the photos been edited using photoshop or other graphic tools.

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